How much does a custom stamp cost?
– Prices vary on the size and intricacy of a design. Its best to message your design for a quotation

What material do you use for the stamp?
– I use rubber erasers and imported Japanese carving blocks mounted on wood or cork. I determine which material to use depending on what the stamp will be used on or the detail of the design.

Can you design a stamp for me?
– Yes, so long as the project fee has already been paid.

How much will it cost for you to design a stamp for me?
– Design fees starts at Php 500 and is separate from the stamp production fee.

How long does it take to make a stamp?
– lead time for each order is 3 weeks.

Is there a minimum?
– No minimum order required.

Do you accept rush orders?
– It depends on my availability. Rush orders have corresponding rush fees.

Do you do bulk order?
– Yes. Be mindful that the lead time may vary depending on the quantity of your order.

Do you have pre-made stamps available?
– Yes, you may find them at The Wander Space, Common Room (Alabang) and online to see them.

Can I order an old designs?
– Yes, you may. Exceptions apply to old works which designs were submitted by the clients.

Do you make Hanko stamps?
– I make Hanko-like stamps. They look like these.

My question is not here.
– Get in touch via FBIG, or email


How to make your stamps last

Well kept eraser stamps often last a maximum of 1 to 2 years if kept in good conditions:

  • Store stamps in a cool dry place
  • Keep away from direct sunlight
  • Stamp on flat surfaces
  • Avoid rubbing the stamp on ink pads or other surfaces to keep the details sharp

Design Restrictions

Please be mindful that some fonts may not come out as precise or with crisp detail.
Restrictions apply to:

  • small text stampsbelow 1 inch in size